Our Sizemore and Pool Families

of Halifax and Mecklenburg Counties, Virginia

Flournoy P. and Annie W. Pool

My maternal grandparents

Married Dec 23, 1909

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My interest in genealogy began many years ago when someone gave me a copy of a series of newspaper articles written in 1979 by my uncle Howard Sizemore. Howard was the former editor and co-publisher of The Clarksville (Va) Times and wrote an extensive history of the Sizemores in Mecklenburg County which appeared in the Mecklenburg Sun newspaper. Until recent years, I was primarily a 'name and date collector' but now I'm trying to fill in the blanks with proper documentation including backgrounds and stories of individuals.

Both my father's and mother's families had their roots in Halifax and Mecklenburg Counties (Virginia) for at least six generations back. As far as can be determined, they probably reared their families within 15-20 miles of each other. My father and mother were born in the same house! His family moved out shortly after he was born and her family moved in.

Some of the family names included in this site are: Sizemore, Pool, P'Pool, Snead, Sneed, Woltz, Gold, Chandler, Owen. Information for living individuals is limited for guest viewers [username:guest, pw:guestpw]. For full access, register for a New User Account by clicking on Login at the top left. We would appreciate it if you would indicate your particular interest or relationship.

Unless otherwise noted, most facts are undocumented and should not be considered as 'official'.

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Richard W. and Georgia S. Sizemore

My paternal grandparents

Married Dec 10, 1899